We are a family that lives in the East Bay Area with a passion for the ocean, the outdoors and creating memories that will last a lifetime. In this second home, we have found a place to be that is fun, creative, adventurous and beautiful. 


We are so grateful to have found our little slice of paradise so close to home.  This gem on the beach takes us back to the simple things in life - family, friends, nature.  It is a place where there is time to collect seashells, play a game, build a sandcastle, read a book or even take a nap. Moments in between are spent on big adventures surfing, hiking, biking...


We have busy everyday lives and unfortunately are never able to spend as much time here as we would like. And so…we gladly open it up to share all it has to offer with you!  Whether you are looking for a family friendly home or a romantic getaway, we are certain you will love Stinson Beach as much as we do.


  About Us

A few years ago when the hustle and bustle of our three kids' busy schedules started to infringe on our family time, we decided it was important to find a spot where we could reconnect with each other and nature.  We wanted a place that was a relatively short drive but where we felt like we were a million miles away.  Stinson Beach became that place for us...and so much more.  


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