At the risk of stating the obvious, we passionately believe that Stinson Beach is the BEST beach in Northern California. Unassuming, local and dynamic, Stinson Beach is one with something for everyone and is never the same from day to day.  7 miles of beach with its own microclimate, no territorial surf snobs, and nestled in its own nook of a town, Stinson stands on its own and is an often underappreciated gem.


Waves for surfing, boogie boarding are abundant and the wind in the afternoon is perfect for kiteboarders.  Whether you are one of the bold few out there with those magnificent sails or one who prefers to enjoy the view, the skyline is enhanced by the adventures to be had in the Pacific.  Cold? Yes, but nothing a wet suit and a hot outdoor shower can't remedy.   If the ocean is just a little too intimidating, you have to admire its natural ever-changing beauty. No day or tide is the same.  Sitting on our deck, you will easily be mesmerized.  Of course if you prefer land-based activities - you can have the best of both on the beach, frisbee, football, volleyball to name a few.  You could always go with our family favorites - digging holes and building sandcastles.



  Surf & Sand


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